Stellenbosch Mountain Hike

Pretty much 2 weeks ago I went for a little hike on Stellenbosch Mountain. My intention was to see a bit of the surrounding and maybe capture some sick panorama view. As usual planing was precise, but the execution went a bit wrong. First of all never go alone on a hike in region you don’t know – especially with temperatures way above 30°C! Secondly set your self a fix point of return, e.g. a time or half of your water bottle. Actually basic rules of hiking. – I did everything wrong. 😀

Against advice I went higher than planned – I got some good shoots though. But the way was a bit steep, for carrying a lot of camera gear. Further I nearly got lost, while searching for another way down, because the way I came would be a pain to go down on. To make things worse a ran out of water at this point. Also I really wanted get rest, because it was nearly noon – with temperatures slightly increasing. So please take my apology for no delivering a Mountain view panorama. I was a bit more concerned about different things on this mountain top.

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  1. Oh yes. On Kreta my plan was similar. ¨Just go to the top of that mountain. It doesn`t look far away¨…

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