To the top of Table Mountain

My latest exploration of the beautiful Western Cape took a group of friends and me to the top of Table Mountain. But instead of simply taking the cable car, we decided to hike/climb all the way up to the top, starting in Kristenbosch Botanical garden and take the Skeleton Gorge route up. This route is nothing for unprepared hiker, as it includes climbing a river run and using multiple ladders.
After reaching the top, we were astonished by the size and the incredible view. Actually Table Mountain is so big, that there is whole dam and water reservoir on top of it, where we took a quick lunch break.
As we made it to the “table”, we didn’t stopped. Moreover we decided to go even higher to Maclear’s Beacon, the highest point of the mountain. Finally after 6.5 hours and over 15km and climbing 1100m vertical, we reached the Cable Car for our way down.
Overall it was a gorgeous tour, but not something you want to do every weekend.

These pictures are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA
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