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The Wacky Wine Festival

The Wacky Wine Festival is wine tasting festival in the Robertson Wine Valley, which is located only a couple car hours away from Cape Town. With each ticket you get up to 5 taste coupons for each wine farm, so there was plenty of wine to taste. This led to the result, that I captured far less impression, than I intended to...

To the top of Table Mountain

My latest exploration of the beautiful Western Cape took a group of friends and me to the top of Table Mountain. But instead of simply taking the cable car, we decided to hike/climb all the way up to the top, starting in Kristenbosch Botanical garden and take the Skeleton Gorge route up.

Exploring the waterfalls of Jonkershoek

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine took me out on a hike at Jonkerhoek, a "small" National Park near Stellenbosch. Due to some time mismanagement and restrictions we changed the plan of going up the mountains, to explore the waterfalls more deeply. So what started as a journey to get nice area shots, ended up as an small adventure exploring the kind of hidden waterfalls of Jonkerhoek. Luckily it rained the day before, so there was a lot of water to break the light.

Penguins bite - apparently

Slowly I make my way through all the pictures, I shot in the last couple weeks. Unfortunately I didn't seized the 2 weeks in Germany as much as I wished, but anyway... The trip I want to tell you today, took me to Boulders Beach. This is a National Reserve with a Penguin Colony, granting you the unique opportunity to walk among and swim with Penguins.

Kristenbosch Botanical Garden Part II

Due to my intermediate leave is getting closer and the fact that the most work scheduled for my first 3 months is done, I've got a bit of time on hand to edit some more pictures. Therefore I'm proud to present you the second part of my Kristenbosch Botanical Garden gallery! ;)

Kristenbosch Botanical Garden Part I

Last weeks were pretty hectic for me in multiple ways: A lot of work got done, so the project I'm working on is making good progress, also I needed to tackle quiet some admin stuff and on top of all there are my weekend trips around the Western Cape. So needless to say, that I've been a bit lazy with selecting, developing and editing all the pictures. Currently are over 1000 in my pipeline. Therefore I'm apologizing, that this post is only part 1 of 2.

Exploring Cape Towns Long Street

A couple weeks ago I sized the opportunity of having a rental car and went out to explore Cape Town a bit. My main target was the famous Long Street, which is actually not so overly long, but the vibe of the old cafés and shops is stunning. So I took out my camera and snaps a few pictures.

Signal Hill

Lately I discovered 2 facts: The first one is, I havn't posted any new pictures in a while and second I've never uploaded the photos taken on top of Signal Hill. They are not so astonishing, but the twelve apostle are looking gorgeous in the light of the setting sun. In recent times Signal Hill was used to fire a signal canon everyday on noon, so ships could synchronized their clocks.

My trip to Cape Point

It took me way longer, than I expected, but finally I crawled through over 1000 pictures. Now I'm proudly presenting the most amazing ones. Without doubt I count this journey to my most precious ones, due to the impressions I collected along the way.

First Wine Tasting

It took way to long, but last Friday I went to my first wine tasting at the Ernie Els Wine Estate, together with the lab people I'm working with. Despite from the really impressive view over the Heidelbergs around Stellenbosch, we also had some amazing food and of course some really fine wines.

Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Because Stellenbosch, the city I'm staying in, is apparently one of the finest wine regions of the world, I though it would be nice to get into this culture a bit. Luckily the annually Stellenbosch wine festival took place last week. So I captured some of the moments, while enjoying some delicious wines - even though I got a terrible sunburn.

Stellenbosch Mountain Hike

Pretty much 2 weeks ago I went for a little hike on Stellenbosch Mountain. My intention was to see a bit of the surrounding and maybe capture some sick panorama view. As usual planing was precise, but the execution went a bit wrong. First of all never go alone on a hike in region you don't know - especially with temperatures way above 30°C! Secondly set your self a fix point of return, e.g. a time or half of your water bottle. Actually basic rules of hiking. - I did everything wrong. :D

Vensters 2016 #ConnectUS

Disclaimer: All mistakes I made, were preventable. Either with more preparation time or careful reading. Also I still made it to South Africa. ;)

Back in mid summer 2015 my supervisor in Rostock, Germany made me a unique offer: To travel as exchange scientist to a research group in Stellenbosch, South Africa. As undergraduate student helper I didn't hesitated and said yes. Normally undergraduate students, like me, are not often asked to travel abroad, so I felt and still feel very honored to do so. But there were some struggles to overcome, before I could start my journey.

Stellenbosch Sneak Peak

As I was arriving at my new home for 6 months, I didn't hesitated and captured some of my first impressions of this beautiful city. Though I'm still impressed and overwhelmed of how exciting this whole journey will be.