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The Wacky Wine Festival

The Wacky Wine Festival is wine tasting festival in the Robertson Wine Valley, which is located only a couple car hours away from Cape Town. With each ticket you get up to 5 taste coupons for each wine farm, so there was plenty of wine to taste. This led to the result, that I captured far less impression, than I intended to...

First Wine Tasting

It took way to long, but last Friday I went to my first wine tasting at the Ernie Els Wine Estate, together with the lab people I'm working with. Despite from the really impressive view over the Heidelbergs around Stellenbosch, we also had some amazing food and of course some really fine wines.

Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Because Stellenbosch, the city I'm staying in, is apparently one of the finest wine regions of the world, I though it would be nice to get into this culture a bit. Luckily the annually Stellenbosch wine festival took place last week. So I captured some of the moments, while enjoying some delicious wines - even though I got a terrible sunburn.