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Summer in Klaipeda

To please my awoken wish to travel and actually to learn something, I let me talk into participating a summer school in Klaipeda, Lithuania this summer. Whereby the actual knowledge transfer was a too not-applicable and theoretic for my taste, I met a bunch of awesome people. As a bonus we also did a couple trips. Here I want to show my impressions of the Nationalpark Kuršie Nerija, which is situated on an island right in front of the coast of Klaipeda. It's a place I highly recommend to visit!

A weekend trip to Prague

As this semester, the last one filled with lectures, proceeded I felt the urge to travel a bit more, to use my remaining freedom as a student. It therefore came in handy, that our Russian exchange students wanted to visit Prague, a beautiful old city I only visited in Winter before. So we seized the opportunity of a free weekend, booked a bus and explored the city of Prague.